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We are all about promoting imported beers in Singapore! We provide news and updates of imported beers in Singapore. Exciting beer promotions at various locations. Participate in beer campaigns and tastings. If you are a beer lover, then you gotta join us!Two people passionate about beers came up with the idea of importing premium Belgian ales such as Duvel, Chimay, Kwak and many others. Appreciated by the connoisseurs of fine beer, we have made a name for ourselves in the island and beyond. The introduction of the Australian premium lager and America’s world class beer has earned us even more recognition recently. We aim to keep beer lovers of Singapore happy with the best beers in the world by delivering right to their doorstep.

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Beers.Sg is proud to present an on-line ordering beer store. We offer you a quick and convenient way to shop for the best premium and craft beers that the world has to offer. The store provides an alternative way for you to shop especially for busy people on the trot.
The people at Beers.Sg are fervent beer lovers with decades of experience in the beer industry. We endeavour to continually source and offer the best beers around the world for your real beer experience and enjoyment.

- Konig Luwig
- Warsteiner
- James Boag's
- Timmermans
- Kwak
- Triple Karmeliet

- Vedett
- Duvel
- La Chouffe
- Mc Chouffe
- Chimay